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A new Edge!

So every new smartphone these days claims to bring us a cutting edge technology. But carrying a Quad core or an Octa core CPU powered smartphone is productive enough for you? Sure you can use that 2GB of RAM to multitask between your Angry Birds, WhatsApp, music player or just browsing. Of course there are many productive apps but it’s a common practice to work on your PC. The comfort of a keyboard & bigger screen can never be replaced by a tiny smartphone, even when it’s got 5″ or larger display. And ultimately the most important thing is your PC applications, you certainly can’t run them on your smartphone. Not because your smartphone is not powerful but the OS doesn’t support that user experience.

The game is about to change as a new breed of Smartphone is in the making. Edge, a completely versatile smartphone that gives us best of experience in smartphone and also gives us a full PC experience when connected to a dock or HDMI. Connect it with a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse and there we are with our favorite PC setup. The unique dual booting nature of Edge allows us to enjoy a smooth Android experience that we all love as well as a PC experience on Ubuntu which is the world’s most used open source operating system.

The Android and Ubuntu integration is developed at a very deeper level. For example, all your Android apps are still available when you are working on your office documents in Ubuntu OS. Even your contacts and emails are automatically synced and available in Thunderbird email application. Even your work is synced so whenever you dock or connect to HDMI you resume from were you left off.


Ubuntu itself is a very powerful OS. The newer version of Ubuntu in fact has an automatic user experience based on your device. Meaning there is phone mode, Tablet mode and desktop mode. And Edge will have both Android and Ubuntu running side by side. The Edge is still a project backed by crowd funding with the total target of $32 million. Impressive part is that Canonical the company behind Ubuntu & the Edge smartphone had already raised a whopping 8.5 million within 3 weeks. The company had dropped the $830 price tag of Edge to now $695. I am personally hoping towers the success of this project as this will open a totally new dimension to the Smartphone usability.


  1. Dre

    Great post! At the end there’s a bit of a typo, however. It’s 32 Million not 32 Billion. I really hope this works out, but even if it doesn’t I’m proud of Ubuntu for taking the chance.

    – Cheers!

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