Surface RT2 Tablets

Surface RT2

It seems Microsoft will not give up the fight in Tablet industry so easily. Microsoft is getting the Surface RT2 ready which will have an improved Windows 8.1 RT and will be powered by Nvidia Tegra 4 chip. Coming out in October, Surface RT2 will have a very tough completion against the same old contenders like iPads and Android plus will also have a new contender, Intel’s Bay Trail powered tablets.

The first Microsoft Surface tablet that was powered by Tegra 3 was a huge failure. The hardware was good, the form factor was also great, but the Windows 8 RT OS couldn’t break the ice berg built by Apple’s iOS & Google’s Android. Windows 8 RT is neither a full desktop OS nor a tablet oriented OS. Well, Android 1.5 wasn’t that great either when it first came out. The evolution of OS counts. Lack of applications is one of the biggest reasons behind the failure of Surface RT. If Microsoft really wants to survive in the tablet game, it has to have a good eco system of applications. Since Windows 8 RT is a hybrid OS between desktop and tablet experience, there are many amazing things Microsoft can pull off from this exclusive area that practically no other tablet had to offer till now.

Surface RT2

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